Training and Other Resources on Harassment

Cultural Human Resources Council

Tool on harassment

A new tool on Workplace Harassment and Violence in CHRC’s HR Management Toolkit © focusses on the development of policies and procedures to prevent and deal with harassment in the arts. Link

Training Video for artists/workers/employees

Developed by Williams HR Consulting - a 20-minute animated artist/worker/employee training video on ‘what actions to take when experiencing/witnessing harassment’ with a questionnaire to test learner recall of video. For release in November.

Training Video for employers/Boards

Developed by Williams HR Consulting - a 20-minute management education training video on ‘responding to allegations of harassment’ with a questionnaire to test learner recall of video. For release in January.


Developed by Williams HR Consulting - 30-minute webcasts detailing harassment legislation compliance by province/territory to assist organizations in the cultural sector with implementing and sustaining compliance. Content will focus on what organizations need to consider to ensure employer, supervisor and employee responsibilities are met. Topics covered in the webcasts are bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, receiving a complaint/awareness of an incident, and strategies for intervening, e.g., complaint resolution process or investigation process. The webcasts will also feature scenarios to help illustrate how policies and procedures can mitigate risk. Webcasts will be designed in parallel where applicable, e.g., introduction, closing and webcasts will differ on the legal compliance areas for the following provinces and territories: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Where Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements are similar, grouping of the provinces/territories will be applied. A compliance kit will be created for each province/territory. The compliance kit will include guidelines to meet requirements and best practices. For release in January.

Discipline-specific Resources

Unless otherwise indicated, training resources have not been tested by CHRC and are not being recommended. They are for information.


Other Canadian Resources

These training resources have not been tested by CHRC and are not being recommended. They are for information.

Ontario Human Rights Commission

  • E-Learning modules (Link
  • Guide to effective human rights training (Link)

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

  • WSIA eLearning Series for Employers (This eLearning series helps you meet your roles and responsibilities under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA). It helps you better protect your business and your workers) (Link)
  • Preventing workplace violence: Bill 168 (written) (Link)

Public Services Health and Safety Association

  • Online and in-person consulting services (Link)
  • Violence in the Workplace Prevention (Link)
  • Workplace Harassment Changes to the OHSA - Bill 132 Webinar (Link)
  • Addressing Responsive Behaviours Webinar (Link)

Workers Health & Safety Centre

  • Workplace Violence Resources (Link)

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Employment and Social Development Canada

  • Harassment and sexual violence in the workplace public consultation report (2017) (Link)

Ontario Ministry of Labour

  • Workplace Violence and Workplace Harassment (Link)

Canada Safety Council

  • E-course Workplace Violence & Harassment (Link)

YOW Canada

  • Workplace Violence and Harassment Training (Link)

Workplace Safety and Prevention Services

  • E-training Canada Labour Code (Link)
  • E-training Violence and Harassment (Link)

Government of Ontario

  • Understand the law on workplace violence and harassment (written) (Link)

International Resources

  • Intimacy Directors International - Intimacy for Performance Training for Directors and Actors (Link)
  • UK Theatre - Action to support dignity at work in the theatre industry (Link)
  • Screen Training Ireland, Equity, SIPTU and Screen Producers Ireland – Dignity in the Workplace (Link)
  • Dance USA - Resources on Harassment in the Workplace (Link)
  • Australia’s Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) has prepared a fact sheet to help members understand their rights and how to get help (Link)
  • The Irish Ministry of Culture is working with the Arts Council of Ireland to develop anti-harassment and bullying workshops for Board members and senior staff in arts organisations (Link)

Further Reading

  • Ontario Human Rights Commission:  Policy on Preventing Sexual and Gender-based Harassment (Link)
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission: Developing a Workplace Anti-harassment Policy (Link)
  • Canadian Actors’ Equity Association: Not in OUR Space! Equity's Respectful Workplace Campaign (Link)
  • UK Arts Professional survey report: Sexual harassment in the arts – is enough being done? (Link)
  • UK Actors’ Equity – Agenda for Change (Link)
  • Workforce article: Harassment Training Is about Creating a Culture, Not Checking a Box (Link)